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Hronos Electrolarynx™

Голосообразующие аппараты

Electronic speech aid Hronos™ was created in Russia in Saint-Petersburg by developers of the “Hronos” Company.
Nowadays artificial larynx is known as a compact, high-quality and reliable electronic speech device.
It was developed in 2000. Hronos™ is more cheaper in comparison with Servox Digital electrolarynx.
Electronic speech aid Hronos™  was designed for rehabilitation and recovery of voice capabilities. It was made for people who don’t have larynx and vocal cords.

Electronic speech aid Hronos

To compare, electronic speech aid Hronos™  has more advantages than Servox Digital electrolarynx.
- Lower price
- Hronos™  is compact and portable
- Powered by two AA batteries
- Hronos™  costs less than Servox Digital electrolarynx in 3 times
- Russian device is certified under the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

Electronic speech aid Hronos™ working principle is the same as Servox Digital electrolarynx. It is in artificial excitation in the resonator cavity and sound vibrations.
The sound field is generated by passing through a certain oscillation on the neck portion.

Technical data (TI) Hronos Artificial Larynx AG-2000

  • The range of variation of the pitch frequency in Hz, at least 45-120;

  • Current consumption at a frequency of 75 Hz, not more than 100 mA

  • Rated voltage supply unit from the battery, 2.4 V;

  • Weight of the device with battery, g, not more than 150;

  • Overall dimensions: - Diameter: 37, Length: 115;

  • Possible use temperature: -25 ° C - + 40 ° C

Hronos™ Artificial Larynx AG-2000 set includes
  • Electronic speech aid Hronos

  • Two AA batteries encased in device

  • One Charger, with connecting cord, that helps to continue speaking even when the battery is low.

  • Maintenance documentation

Hronos Electrolarynx™
Голосообразующий аппарат Хронос
Documentation Electronic speech aid Hronos™
Декларация о соответствии Хронос

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Documentation Hronos Electrolarynx™
Documentation Hronos Electrolarynx™
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